Frameless Glass Door and Glass Shower Cubicle

Frameless Glass Door and Glass Shower Cubicle

One of the hottest trends in bathroom remodeling is the addition of the frameless glass door and glass shower cubicle. Furthermore glass doors can help to transform your bathroom to a personal gateway that you desire. Frameless glass doors are becoming more and more popular because of its aesthetic appeal besides having an easy access to indoors and outdoors.

Most frameless models are custom glass shower models which implies that you aren’t limited to the mass produced shower doors at standard size. One of the major criteria why people are more inclined towards frameless door when compared to the framed doors is because of its customization feature.

Pros and Cons of Framed VS Frameless and why Frameless is the best Choice

Showers are integral part of most bathrooms, raising the property values and increase the function of the room. People’s choice have changed towards doors than curtains to provide a better look to the room. Apparently you need to know which choice is the best for your bathroom.

Material – Both framed glass doors and frameless glass doors are made up of tempered glass. While framed glass are made up of thin glass whereas frameless glass doors are made up of thick pane which is supported by the clips and hinges that are attached to the edges of the door. The feature of the thin door for framed glass door is the primary disadvantage because when you try to repair and wish to replace the doors, there are possible chances that it will be broken easily. However this is not the case with frameless glass door.

Outdated Style – Generally an old fashioned home or workplace is generally not admired by everyone. Apparently modern design with frameless doors will have an enriched look to your environment. In addition with the framed door, when watered regularly because of the shower, the frames are prone to lose their shine and often pose a rusted appearance. However this is not the case with the frameless glass door. Frameless glass shower doors as the name implies rest directly on the edge of the shower enclosure. So least possibilities of getting stained.

Bathroom remodels are one of the best ways to improve the overall value of the home. So investing in a frameless glass door and shower cubicle will help to create a more open, seamless and contemporary space offering a unique design to your washroom.

We offer you different models of frameless glass doors from leading brands to help create unique design in your washroom. We also provide you a value added maintenance service to keep glass doors working longer.